Inner Cercle Anime
Welcome to Inner Cercle Anime
What is 'Inner Cercle Anime'?

Good question. Inner Cercle Anime is an anime cult dedicated to the anime god, Exu Dee/XD.

Who is XD?

XD is an anime good dedicated to the good kind of evil. Like subtitiled anime, snack food, sex, and alot of other good stuff. He leads the good followers on a path to Otaku succsess. His arch nemesis is Dee Exu/DX

Who is DX?

DX is the anime god dedicated to the bad kind of evil, like death and bad dubs like hollywood mew mew. He sucks the fun out of everything. He leads his followers on to a path of wannabe doom.

Why a cult?

Because all the cool kids are doing it. Because we can. Because we felt like it. pick one.

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